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BakuTech Battle Field W Rise 4 Set (爆テクバトルフィールドW 天4セット, Bakuteku Batorufīrudo Daburu Raizu Fōsu Setto?) (Catalogue Number BTA-05) is a Deluxe Bakugan set released in the BakuTech Series and re-release of the Bakugan Official Battle Field W Super DX Set.

It contains one Pyrus Rise Dragaon White Clear ver., one Aquos Killer Volca, one Subterra Zak Jaguard, one Pyrus Gren Dragaon Special Color ver., one BakuThron Gold Stage Card for obtaining Sechs Tavanel, one reversible Battle Field W (Double) with Hyper Rope and Card Station set-up, three Gate Cards and six Ability Cards.

Bakugan Included

Cards Included

Gate Cards:

  • Gold:
  • Copper:
  • Silver:

Ability Cards:

  • Red:
  • Blue:
  • Green:


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