BakuSolo replaces the BakuBoost packs since the original series in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge and Bakugan Booster Single Packs. They contain one Bakugan, one Metal Gate Card, and one Ability Card. They are priced (three of them) higher than a BakuTrinity mostly because in a BakuTrinity you can't pick what Bakugan you get. They often have a picture and the name of the Bakugan that is in the pack. But the Gundalian Invaders BakuBoost packs only showed the picture, not the name.

Description (Arc 2)

Dedicated exclusively to the Baku Sky Raiders segment, these Bakugan jump and soar in the air when activated on a metal Gate Card for extreme brawler domination! Take your battles to the sky, then connect and combine Baku Sky Raiders into larger 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 monsters. Brawl on!


  • Some of the early Wave 2 BakuSolos spelled BakuTactix as BakuTaxtix.
  • Some BakuSolo are released as BakuFusion.



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