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The BakuMeter is a more portable and improved version of the BakuPod and the Gauntlet, and is used in Gundalian Invaders and Mechtanium Surge. It can project Synthetic Bakugan and Bakugan Battle Gear, as well as Ability Cards and BakuNano in Mechtanium Surge. The screen automatically switches around from a keypad to a touch screen that projects Synthetic Bakugan.

Later in Mechtanium Surge, a newer model of the BakuMeter is created, containing more features than the previous version.


Original Model[]


The Gundalian Agents have additional features in their BakuMeters, such as using it to stop time like a Gauntlet, or using it to open a doorway into the Twelve Orders' secret hiding spot in Bakugan Interspace.

Newer Model[]

New BakuMeter

Concept art of the new BakuMeter; male version of the left, female version on the right.


  • Same functionalities as the original model
  • Can now project Gate Cards and BakuLaunch
  • Can be used for communication

In A Hero Returns, Anubias used his BakuMeter to summon six BakuNano for Krakenoid, Bolcanon, Vertexx, Horridian, Krowll, and Spyron.

The Mechtogan Control Bracelet used by Anubias and Sellon bear resemblance to the BakuMeter, but are worn opposite to the BakuMeter rather than being an integrated part of it.

Also, a prototype of a third version that would have the function to summon Battle Suits was designed by Mira. The only one to use this BakuMeter was Wiseman.

Physical Toy[]

Original BakuMeter

Real-life toy BakuMeters

Real-life versions of the original BakuMeter were sold at Toys 'R' Us for $20, and at Walmart for $25. Like the Gauntlet, they were not made to actual size, being larger than the versions shown in the anime.

The BakuMeter had code integration with Bakugan Dimensions; the ten-digit DNA Code found on each Meter unlocked ten three-digit codes, which could be input in the DNA Code Entry Console. This also unlocked the "Proud BakuMeter Owner" achievement.

The newer BakuMeter models were never made into toys.

DNA Codes in the BakuMeter[]

  1. Actual BakuMeter code
  2. Clear Aranaut
  3. 1000 BakuCoins
  4. Clear Snapzoid
  5. 2000 BakuCoins
  6. Clear Dharak
  7. 3000 BakuCoins
  8. Clear Hakapoid
  9. 4000 BakuCoins
  10. Clear Strikeflier


  • The BakuMeter is the only Brawler Gear to be used in more than one season.
  • The BakuMeter is also the only Brawler Gear to have the most designs, as well as receive an updated version rather than being replaced outright.