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BakuMetallic is a Japan exclusive Special Treatment consisting of chrome-plated shiny metallic single-color BakuTech. They are usually given out as special prizes to online campaigns and official tournaments in Japan.

IMG 2779

BakuMetallic Flare Dragaon in Red Chrome


Two types of BakuMetallic color scheme exist:

  • The BakuMetallic BakuTech which are colored in accordance to the main color of the BakuTech in their regular paint scheme. These are usually given through special campaigns like the Anime Premiere Campaign and/or lottery draws.
  • The gold, silver and copper which were given as prizes to the champion, first runner-up and second runner-up of official tournaments respectively.

If treated Bakugan of more than one color exist, the treatment will be named with the respective color of the Bakugan.


  • In official press images for demonstration, BakuMetallic is in "dusty metallic" paint scheme, but the actual prizes that were handed out are all chrome-plated.
  • The term "BakuMetallic" is similar to the Bakugan with some chrome-plated (or dusty metallic) details called BakuMetalix which were released during the Gundalian Invaders series.