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Baku-Gear is a gameplay mechanic and a weapon boost system that is featured introduced in Bakugan: Armored Alliance.

About Baku-Gear

Baku-Gear are battle armor that attaches to a Bakugan, therefore increasing its Power level and giving it new abilities.


Baku-Gear can be obtained through Bakugan Ultra + Baku-Gear or Baku-Gear Packs, but they currently are only cosmetic. Despite them coming in different Factions, they will always come with a random Baku-Gear Card. The Baku-Gear Cards are what provides the bonuses in game.


Baku-Gear replaces evolution after the final battle against Tiko, though the reasons are unknown. Baku-Gear only appear when a Bakugan's Power level is reached at 50 or below in the brink of defeat.

Physical Game

List of Baku-Gear