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What? You again? You shouldn't have come back, wimp.

Aurock is the male Pyrus Brawler of the Regulars in Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Battle Trainer. However, he also uses other attributes; his first battle against Dan Kuso has him use a Ventus Harpus.


Aurock has green skin and red eyes. His chest plate is a chestnut brown and his sleeves and shoulder pads are a crimson red. He also wears a cape and has fur for the collar of his tunic. Aurock is very muscular and seems athletic.


Aurock is very cocky, confident, and competitive. Aurock is always ready to battle; his high confidence makes him irritable whenever he loses.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Battle Trainer[]

He appears as the first enemy in the game, commenting that an “Earthling 'hero' has come to save all the Bakugan,” but expresses his disappointment in Dan before they even brawl. He uses Harpus against Dan, but Dan easily wins and takes Harpus back. Angry, Aurock warns Dan that he won't be as merciful the next time around.

In Arena 3, he greets Dan once again, informing Dan that he has a “surprise” for him. He shows off Ultimate Dragonoid, who is under his control, and mocks Dan as being “not so tough.” Dan, in return, calls Aurock a “demented freak,” determined to win Drago back.

Upon Aurock's defeat, Ultimate Dragonoid is rescued from his clutches. Aurock then says that Vector would not be pleased, and he tells Dan that he'll find out who Vector is soon enough. After this brawl, Dan can face Viper.