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At the Beginning, an Ending is the ninety-fifth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet.


When Shun and Lia track down Ichiro and Masato on their quest for more allies, they are forced to battle a Bakuzoned Ichiro.


Masato and Serpenteze survived the explosion, but are being pursued by Bakuzon Cloptor. Lia and Shun notice plants have surrounded the city, it seems like the surface world and The Maze are merging. All the Core Cells in the world have been infected thanks to the V Virus, but the entire planet hasn't, activating the system without the Great Core Cell was an error for Benton/Tiko.

Wynton, China Riot, and Magnus arrive in the Great Core Cell location alongside Pyravian and Goreene, Wynton recalls the temple they found at the Yucatan Peninsula, which was really the location. When they enter the temple, they find an infected Core Cell, but it turns out the Council created the Core Cell as a gate to seal the Great Core Cell. The gate shatters, bringing out the Great Core Cell, which Benton's minions pick up.

Shun is confronted by his father, who survived the explosion, it is revealed that Ichiro has been infected by the V Virus. Back at the Kazami Fortress, Ichiro used all his resources to save his son and his friends, but he managed to survive. Ichiro was attacked by a Mega Bakuzon and ended up getting infected with the V Virus. Due to the infection, Ichiro's personality has changed, he doesn't care about the company and wants his son, Shun says he has changed. Shun tells his possessed father that his true father would never say he doesn't care about any of that.

Shun evolves Hydorous into its Hyper form, but his partner gets surrounded by a Darkus and Ventus Cloptor. Masato appears and uses Hydro Blade to save Shun, Masato made it out safely, but Ichiro didn't and got infected by the V Virus. The real battle begins, it's a 3v3 battle with Shun's partner Bakugan and Ichiro's 3 Cloptor. With the power of Shun's partner Bakugan, Shun carries out the wishes of what his father really said, to carry out the Kazami name, defeating Ichiro. Ichiro loses the battle, and Masato uses a tranquilizer to put him to sleep.

Meanwhile, Philomena Dusk and Shargo are investigating the Core Cells and are attacked by a Bakuzon, but Dan Kouzo and Drago arrive to stop the evil Bakuzon and save them.

Featured Brawls

  • Masato Kazami (Serpenteze) vs. Cloptor = No outcome
  • Shun Kazami (Hydorous, Fade Ninja, Vicerox) vs. Ichiro Kazami (Cloptor x3) = Shun wins

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