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Apollyon is a skeleton-warrior like Bakugan in Bakugan: Battle Planet. He is a Guardian Bakugan of Philomena Dusk. An Aurelus Apollyon was seen at the Supreme Council located at Planet Vestroia.




Bakugan: Battle Planet

Apollyon first appears in the episode Punch the Clock, where its ball form appears in a large container of liquid, as Philomena Dusk looks at it with a smile before the episode ends. Apollyon appeared again, in his ball form, in Backfire Brawl. Its monster form debuts in the episode Awesome vs AAAnimus Part II, where Philomena uses it to battle the Awesome Ones. Apollyon easily defeats Lupitheon, Vicerox, Gorthion, Artulean, and Cyndeous in one hit before being defeated by the evolved forms of Dragonoid, Trox, Howlkor, Pegatrix, and Hydorous.

Apollyon appeared in The Graveyard of Courage battling alongside the Awesome Ones. He appeared again in Vestroia Part 1.

Physical Game

Ability Cards

  • Sonic Shockwave
  • Haos Sonic Chain (Haos)
  • Aurelus Sonic Blade (Aurelus)
  • Aurelus Sonic Chain (Aurelus)



  • Apollyon is the first character-owned Bakugan to have over 600 B-Power
    • In the second half of Bakugan Battle Planet its B-Power has been changed to 600.