Preyas Angelo and Preyas Diablo (nicknamed Preyas II and Dual Preyas) are the second and third Guardian Bakugan of Marucho Marukura.



Preyas Angelo spawned from a Preyas egg which hatched into two brothers - one good and one evil. Angelo is kindhearted and shaped like an angel, with large powerful wings on its back and smaller wings on its forearms and legs.

Preyas Diablo spawned from a Preyas egg which hatched into two brothers -- one good and one evil. Diablo is a tough, devilish Bakugan with an appetite for fiery destruction. Diablo's horned head has fearsome fangs and its winged body is covered in spikes.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Preyas Angelo is kindhearted and shaped like an angel version of Preyas. He has angel wings. He refers to Marucho as "Young Master" along with his brother as master he is also very polite. According to Angelo, he tires out very quick and requires constant breaks (and gets every second Monday off). He also doesn't do windows. Angelo supposedly has mixed attributes being part Aquos and part Haos. Angelo occupies what appears to be the top side of the ball. Angelo has a brother called Diablo, he is a tough, smack-talking devil version with devil horns with a hot temper to match. He switches places with Angelo regularly, taking turns, like his and Angelo's personalities Diablo has opposite attributes being Pyrus-Aquos compared to Haos-Aquos. Like his brother Angelo, Diablo is displayed as Aquos but he still counts as both Pyrus and Aquos. Diablo appears to be asleep when Angelo is out, being annoyed that Marucho woke him up from his nap the first time he used him in battle, though he didn't know that he was even there until then. Diablo occupies what appears to be the bottom side of the ball, flipping over in the bottom of the ball to let Angelo talk. They don't appear in season 2 (probably because they escaped the Vestal Destroyer that was capturing the Bakugan and hid) because only Preyas was captured and turned to stone.

It is possible that Angelo and Diablo were in the crowd of Bakugan that were sent to Marucho's house in Exodus.

They were in a picture in NV: episode 14, when Mira asks when the pic was taken.


Preyas 2 Angelo and Diablo are two Bakugan combined into one such that each is in his own hemisphere. The chance of making each stand is 50%. On the Aquos Angelo it has 700 Gs and on the Aquos Diablo it has 500 Gs. On the Ventus Angelo it has 650 Gs and on the Ventus Diablo it has 450 Gs. On the Haos Angelo it has 410 Gs and on the Haos Diablo it has 640 Gs. On the Subterra Angelo it has 720 Gs and on the Subterra Diablo it has 300 Gs. On the Darkus Angelo it has 510 Gs and on the Darkus Diablo it has 680 Gs.

In Japan, its Aquos BakuTech version in BTC-07 comes with 380G/460 G, 280G/480 G and 260G/500 G. In Japan, its Aquos version (Diablo only) in BST-05 comes with 340 G and 380 G.


  • If you look closely at Preyas Diablo, you'll be able to see the outline of Preyas Angelo and vice versa.
  • Stoica from the Twelve Orders has the same angel-and-devil personalities.
  • In Bakugan Battle Brawler The Video Game, he and Angelo have seperate bodies, which is what Preyas Diablo asked for.
  • Diablo Preyas's ball form looks slightly similar to Fear Ripper's.
  • It is the only Guardian Bakugan Marucho (to series Bakugan: New Vestroia) had that does not change to Darkus Attribute.
  • It's odd how Preyas practically gave birth to them. (despite being a male Bakugan)
  • There's a theory that the writers got rid of Angelo/Diablo in New Vestroia to make Preyas seem more like a male rather than an androgynous creature so they could pair him up with Elfin.
  • Angelo is similar to an Angel in looks, while Diablo is similar to the Devil in looks.
  • They are the only Bakugan in the Anime that are two-in-one.
  • Preyas Angelo and Diablo are the only Preyas's that have wings.
  • When he stand. Follow the colors to make Preyas has Aquos and Haos or Pyrus Attributes.




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