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This Alternative Weapon System that Professor Clay is developing will possess the power to annihilate all mankind. I thought the BT System was bad, but this is pure evil.
—Volt in preview of Volt's Revolt

The Alternative Weapon System (commonly referred to as the Alternative or Alternative Farbros (オルタナティブ・ファーブロス, Orutanatibu Fâburosu) in the Japanese version)) was a doomsday device created by Clay Fermin, by using the Phantom Data from Neathia, so Zenoheld could destroy Vestal and Earth and take over the other planets.


The Alternative was first mentioned in Fusion Confusion when Professor Clay analyzed the data from the Bakugan Battle Gear and showed it to King Zenoheld. In Volt's Revolt and Payback, Volt Luster and Lync Volan left the Vexos because they didn't like what it could do and thought it was wrong (and because Lync wanted to save Alice Gehabich). Lync made a copy of the blueprints of the Alternative, and also Keith identified the Alternative as a weapon that can destroy an entire galaxy along with its living beings. Zenoheld used it to try to kill Helios MK2 and Spectra Phantom in Ultimate Weapon but they dodged and it destroyed half of a huge planet. Professor Clay stayed in a central command station that controls many different pieces of the Alternative Weapon System. It is huge and is also equipped with hundreds of Pyrus Fortress as guards and Farbros inside of it. In All for One and Final Fury, the Bakugan Resistance along with Spectra, Gus Grav, and Hydron destroyed it with Zenoheld, Clay, Hydron, and Dryoid getting caught in the explosion.

Ability Cards
  • Zeus System:
  • Power Ball (Planet Killing Destruction Mode):
  • Vestal Cannon:
  • Hyper FARBAS: Repairs all damage to the Alternative Weapon System.

Bakugan Equipped with the Alternative[]


  • It may be based on the "Death Star" from the "Star Wars" Series. This could be supported by that the power generator area highly resembles that of the Death Star.
    • Like the Death Star, the Alternative is capable of destroying entire planets.
    • The Alternative was destroyed in a similar manner to the second Death Star, as it was destroyed from the inside.
  • There is a mini digital brawling arena inside where Dan, Shun, Ace and Baron battled Haos Lumitroid, Ventus Farakspin, Subterra Clawsaurus, and Pyrus Snapzoid.
    • Addition these attributes represent the attributes used by the former Vexos members that betrayed King Zenoheld.
  • Its ability Vestal Cannon was ironic given that Zenoheld intends to destroy Vestal with it