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All Jungled Up is the twenty-ninth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet.


Still lost in the Maze, The Awesome Ones come face to face with a dark Bakugan monster.


Still stuck in The Maze, the Awesome Ones find yet another portal that causes them to fall into a jungle-like playground, the AO Bakugan turn into their Bakugan Forms and scour through the jungle. The AO search around and find a swing set like structure and have fun. Meanwhile, the AO Bakugan look through the jungle hear their partners sounding different and come back to see younger versions of The Awesome Ones. The younger AO act completely different, leading their partner Bakugan to wonder how this could happen. The shadowy Trunkanious from earlier returns again, appearing to have followed then. The younger AO want to play around but their Bakugan have to protect them, but they’re getting in the way of them using their attacks.

Drago decides to use a raft to distract the younger AO as a “game”, to get a raft as far from the evil Bakugan as possible. The AO Bakugan finally get to fight the evil creature, they discover that the creature is actually a Bakugan, and there is some sort of black substance that is taking over it. The dark Trunkanious is defeated once again, and the younger AO reach the end of the river - they find another exit. Unfortunately, Trunkanious returns again, but this time shows his true form, a dark golden horned dragon. Its incredible power corrupts the entire environment around everyone. Drago tells the others to go through the portal while he deals with this evil Bakugan, he uses Twisting Inferno but the evil Bakugan devours the attack, Bit Blast is also deflected by him. The evil Bakugan attacks Drago, who made it through the portal. The AO wake up and find themselves back to their normal selves, they thought they were dreaming but they actually turned into younger selves.

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  • Drago, Trox, Pegatrix, and Hydorous vs. Bakuzon Trunkanious/Tiko = No result

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