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Alice's House in winter makes it very comfty

Alice's House in Winter.

Alice's House resembles a traditional Russian inn in the suburbs of Moscow, near Michael Gehabich's Lab.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers[]

It appears briefly in certain episodes of this season.

Bakugan: New Vestroia[]

Her house appears in Surprise Visitor, where Runo came to her to go through Dr. Michael's teleportation machine so she could get to New Vestroia and meet Dan.

In Gate Crashers, she invited Lync to her house so he wouldn't stay outside in the cold, but he refused. Soon enough, because of hunger, he accepted.

In Payback, when Lync with Aluze battled Hydron and Dryoid near her house, he used Dora Cannon to attack Dryoid. Hydron used Murasame Blade to beat off Aluze's attacks, making the blasts scatter everywhere. Lync was forced to stop so the blasts wouldn't destroy Alice's house. This once again proved that Lync had feelings for Alice.