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The Action Bar was a bar that held all of the player's special moves in battle on Bakugan Dimensions.


The Action Bar holds three different options: Prepare, Discard, or Use a Special Move. Each can be used at any time of the battle, to help the player in any way they can. When "Advanced Mode" is activated, the player is enabled to see the opponent's special ability and up to two of their basic moves. The two on the far right are hidden. The same goes for the opponent.

Special Moves[]

For Starter and New Vestroia Bakugan, it only holds four moves because they can't access Battle Gear, BakuNano, or Special Ability. Super Assaults, BakuMutants, and Bakugan that aren't Battle Gear or BakuNano compatible from Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders and Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge can access four special moves and a Special Ability. Bakugan that are Battle Gear or BakuNano compatible in battle can access four special moves, but must have a BakuNano or Battle Gear to have the extra special ability.


Discard is a command that can be used with any style, because it comes with the action bar. It allows a player to remove any special move they have besides a special ability. This is often used if the action bar has all defenses, or if the player is unsatisfied with the moves they have received.


Prepare is a command that ends the player's turn. If the player does not have a full Action Bar, it gives the player up to two extra moves. It is used for three main reasons. The first is that the player wishes to end their turn. The second is that the player is accepting defeat, and is waiting for the opponent to finish the battle. The third is that the player's action bar is almost empty, and they need to regain moves. The Prepare Icon is a "+" and shows a shadowed Helix Dragonoid.