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Act Jile (門(アクト)ジール, Akuto Jīru?) is a Japanese original Bakugan from the BakuTech series.

Official Description

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' (カードから離れると自動で閉じる!なんとたたみ時間0秒!!しかも、パワーレベルがランダムルーレットで表示され、6種のうち1種が表示される!?)


BakuTech! Bakugan

Physical Game

Act Jile is featured with two gimmicks, BakuCloser and G-Power Change.

Pentagon Parameter

  • Attack: ?
  • Defence: ?
  • Occupy: ?
  • Control: ?
  • Stand: ?
  • Total: ?

Gate Card(s)

Ability Card(s)

Fusion Ability Card(s)


The Kanji in the Japanese name of Act Jile, (On: mon/Kun: kado), means gate. 'Act Jile' is derived from the Japanese for to open, 開く (aku), and to close, 閉じる (tojiru), which are referred to its BakuCloser characteristic.


  • Act Jile was once named Auto Close (オートクローズ, Ōto Kurōzu?)[1] tentatively.
  • Act Jile opens identically to Hakapoid. It also shares Hakapoid's BakuCloser feature.


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