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Acro Gezard (架(アクロ) ゲザード, Akuro Gezādo?) is a lizard-like Japanese-original Bakugan from the BakuTech series.

Official Description

Japanese Official Website

The gigantic lizard, with its sheer length, bridges two Gate Cards. Standing on the Gate Card just like crawling, the space behind it can be used for Double Stand. (ゲートカード2枚分に架かるほどの巨体を持つ獰猛な大トカゲ。地面を這うようにスタンドしたら、後は味方のダブルスタンドを待つだけ!?)


BakuTech! Bakugan

Acro Gezard is the Guardian Bakugan of Tohga, a member of the Shadow Sanjushi.

Physical Game

Along with Well Galow and Borg Mahisas, Acro Gezard was first released in BTD-02 ShutsujinDeck Shadow Sanjushi on March 24, 2012. It was released in separate packaging on April 21, 2012 as BTC-41. It has 590 Gs.

Pentagon Parameter

  • Attack: 7/10
  • Defense: 8/10
  • Occupy Force: 9/10
  • Control: 5/10
  • Stand: 6/10
  • Total: 35/50

Gate Card(s)

Ability Card(s)


Variations of Acro Gezard
Image Official Product Name Cross Parts Sole Parts Acquisition G Power Variations
Acro Gezard Acro Metal Cross None BTC-41
AmqBX-5CMAAOShO.jpg-large Acro Gezard Acro Normal Cross None BTD-02
Agezard-g Acro Gezard G None BCV-22
BSToG3NCEAAEjkh Acro Gezard Blue Armor None BCV-23
Acro Gezard W-Armor None BCV-26
Akuro-geza-do-Red Acro Gezard Fire Red None


The Han character in the Japanese name of Acro Gezard, (ka), which means rack. 'Acro' is derived from the prefix for peak, acro-, which may refer to its 'tall' body when viewed vertically. Gezard may be a portmanteau of Gecko and Lizard, or be derived from the Japanese for prostrating, 土下座 (dogeza).


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