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A Deep Hibernation is the ninety-fourth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet.


Trhyno must give Dan and Drago the power they need if they are to have any chance in stopping Tiko.


Dan and Drago went inside Trhyno and fought the V Virus, but they found themselves in an unknown location afterward. Dan and Drago are inside Trhyno's mind world, Trhyno has gone into deep hibernation to escape the V Virus. Trhyno chose this, and used the last of his strength before he goes to sleep for a long time, he has gained back his memories in this process.

Trhyno takes Dan and Drago to a journey to Drago's past memories, showing them Vestroia, the planet of the Bakugan. It turns out The Maze is the place where Vestroia and Earth intersected and joined. The planet Vestroia is sustained by an energy cycle of Bakugan battles and Core Cells, but one individual thought this was wrong - Tiko! The Supreme Bakugan Council discussed the fate of Vestroia, including Tiko, who is actually a Aurelus Bakugan. Tiko argued about Bakugan constantly fighting, they are getting wounded for the sake of Vestroia, the system is wrong and it has to be changed. Pyravian argues there is no other source, but Tiko says things have changed with his new research that will supply Bakugan will infinite energy and preserve its life cycle - the Victory Source. This Victory Source is the V Virus, Tiko's experiment didn't behave well and infected him. Tiko then begun to infect other Bakugan with the V Virus, Tiko was trying to save the Bakugan but his plan ended up turning bad.

Despite Tiko possessing the Bakugan, they stood and fought up bravely, aided by a legendary warrior clad in legendary armor - Dragonoid Maximus; Dan recalls that Tiko called Drago "Maximus" before. Maximus and Tiko fought many times, it was an incredible battle until the legendary armor was lost, allowing Tiko to escape. Tiko used his evil influence to infect not only Bakugan, but Core Cells.

It was only a matter of time before Vestroia fell to Tiko, the V Virus doesn't create energy, it devours energy and will devour all life. In order to avoid total destruction, the Supreme Council decided to fuse their dying planet with another planet, Earth, to wait for Vestroia and the Bakugan to be revived. Vestroia merged with Earth, the Bakugan, Core Cells, and Tiko, went into a deep hibernation along with the planet.

Trhyno's mind dimension is starting to close as his strength is fading away, he uses the last of his energy on the two. Dan and Drago start to feel an intense amount of energy, they use their power to evolve Drago into his ultimate form - Dragonoid Maximus!

Using Impact Force, Dan and Drago create a hole to allow them to escape, Trhyno tells Dan and Maximus to carry on the battle, entrusting the fate of Bakugan and Vestroia to them, bidding them farewell. Dan and Drago return back to the Maze, with Lightning relieved. Unfortunately, Trhyno has begun his hibernation, he returns to ball form, and disappears.

Phaedrus tells Dan and Drago that his friends left in order to protect the Great Core Cell, Drago is eager to go with them, but Dan tells his partner that there is someone he needs to see.

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