AAAnimus Inc. is a global, multinational organization formerly operated by Benton Dusk, & currently operated by Philomena Dusk. It has been in the Dusk family at least as far back as Philomena & Benton's father.



  • Philomena Dusk is the Chief Officer of AAAnimus Inc. She is a Haos Brawler and her Guardian Bakugan is Apollyon.
  • Benton Dusk is the former Chief Officer of AAAnimus Inc. & the younger brother of Philomena. He is an Aquos Brawler and his Guardian Bakugan is Hydranoid.

Secondary Members

  • Magnus Black is a masked boy who is the archrival of Dan Kouzo. Despite working for AAAnimus, Magnus is a strong believer in the Bushido code of the samurai— though he has clearly lost his way. He is a Darkus Brawler, & his Guardian Bakugan is Nillious.
  • Col. Armstrong Tripp is AAAnimus's main adult Bakugan Battler. He was originally a Haos Brawler and his Guardian Bakugan was Pandoxx. However, he switched attributes later on and became a Darkus Brawler. His new Guardian Bakugan is Cloptor.
  • Strata the Hunter is a hunter who makes a living hunting down Bakugan. He is an Aquos Brawler, & his Guardian Bakugan is Krakelios.
  • China Riot is a 6-year-old Bakugan Battler phenomenon who works for AAAnimus & will go wherever she is needed to help advance the company’s goals, her primary personal goal is the be the best & cutest Bakugan fighter ever. She is a Ventus Brawler, & her Guardian Bakugan is Maxotaur.
  • Kurin is a boy, who was sent to spy on the Awesome Ones. He is a Darkus Brawler and his Guardian Bakugan is Garganoid.

Exit Team

Main article: Exit Team

A corporate-sponsored group of hired Kid Battlers that work for AAAnimus, the Exit Team are both well-equipped & more ruthless than our heroes. 


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